5 Ways to Organize Your Home Using Washi Tape


Getting your home organized can be difficult, especially with a large family! There are numerous fun and creative ways you can use washi tape to organize your life and motivate you to keep areas tidy. There are endless washi tape designs already available, but with wovenlabelhk’s option of custom washi tape you can design and purchase your own to specifically suit the style of your home.

  1. Marking Your Family Calendar

A great way to use your washi tape is to use it to organize your calendar. You can buy a different pattern of washi tape for each family member and then keep track of weekly activities! For example, you could buy a blue roll of washi tape for your child and stick a piece on every Monday that they have swimming training. This is a fantastic way to avoid clashes and make sure your family doesn’t get too busy!

  1. Labeling Jars

Do you ever find yourself in the kitchen opening a jar and you can’t remember exactly what is inside? To avoid confusion with items such as plain flour and self-raising flour, use washi tape to label jars and create a colorful system in your kitchen. Depending on your style you can use either a continuous color or pattern of washi tape to help you separate ingredients for cooking.

  1. Separating electrical cords

Technology is a huge part of everyday life for most families these days, and this means an increasing amount of chargers and cords in the home. There are some products you can buy to separate cords, however why purchase a boring grey or black item when you could choose your own design of washi tape instead? Using different styles of washi tape to separate categories such as ‘Phone Chargers’ and ‘Laptop Chargers’ prevents cords from getting tangled and confused, and also decorates an area that can often be boring and dull to look at.

  1. Helping your kids get prepared for school

Washi tape can be useful for all ages! Kids love different designs and colours, so why not help them get motivated at school by labeling their stationary and schoolbooks with their own custom style of washi tape? Wrap a piece of washi tape around the ends of pens and pencils to prevent your child losing these items. Stick a piece of different washi tape on each schoolbook to help your child identify their different learning areas; visual association has been proven to help memory.

  1. Labeling water glasses to avoid dishes

Everyone hates doing the dishes so using washi tape is a great way to reduce the amount of water glasses you are washing each day. Use different styles of washi tape for each family member and stick a piece on a glass for each person so they can reuse their glass throughout the day without getting confused about which one is theirs! You can also use this idea when you host parties, you don’t need to buy wine glass rings you can simply use washi tape to help guests keep track of their glass.

Have you considered to make your own roll ?