6 tips to design woven labels


TIP 1 : Label position on your product

The position on where the labels to be attached on your product could be an important factor to design how the labels look and its size. So the first thing to design your own labels is to decide where you would like to get them attached. This will make it easier for deciding the size and the types of fold for your labels.

TIP 2 :Choosing the right size
The product size, characteristic, or brand design might affect you decision on size. So we always recommend our customer try to draw the size on the paper, cut it down, place it on the product where you would like to get the labels attached and check that if this is what you want. If not, try to cut it smaller or re-draw with a bigger size and try it again. Standard label sizes normally range from 20mm – 70mm, depending on your needs.

TIP 3 :Choose the right fold
There are different types of fold for woven labels and they are designed for different use.
Flat labels: These lie flat on your products, creating a sharp, crisp edge
End fold labels: Feature an extra 7mm seam allowance on both side.
Centre fold labels: These are folded across the centre with the seam allowance
Book fold labels (hem tags): Similar to centre fold, but the seam allowance is folded inward.
Mitre fold labels: These feature ends that have been turned over and up at a 90˚ angle.

TIP 4 :Contrasting colour
In order to show all the detail clearly on the labels, we would recommend customers to use contrasting colours for example : black on white ; white on black ; red on black etc. Similar colour are not recommended for example : light grey on white or light yellow on white.

TIP 5 :Less is more – Keep your content simple
You might wanted to put all your information on the labels but this is not recommended. Most woven brand labels are designed to show your brand only. Putting too much information might distracted your customer from focusing on your brand to the detail. You might need to simplify your logo when necessary.

TIP 6 :Ratio
Ratio is an important factor to show your logo clearly on the labels. So we recommend customers to go with a bigger labels if the logo or artwork is complicated. Not sure if your artwork can fit it in a small labels? Don’t worry, just simply email your artwork to us and we will discuss with you 🙂