The Benefits of Using Iron-On Woven Patches


Many people looking for patches for their garments believe that embroidered patches are the only option available. However, woven patches offer an attractive alternative to traditional embroidered patches – and allow for a lot more flexibility, especially in terms of design.

Here’s a quick guide to iron-on woven patches, plus the benefits they can offer your business.

Iron-On Woven Patches – A Brief Outline

Essentially, woven patches can be used in exactly the same way as embroidered patches. They can be attached to virtually any garment or fabric item; such as jackets, bags, trousers, purses or shirts. However, the key difference is that woven patches are crafted from thread only. This thread is sewn in a continuous design, which offers far greater scope for detail.

The Advantages of Iron-On Woven Patches

  • Smoother finish. Embroidered patches have a naturally raised surface, whereas woven patches are completely flat and smooth to touch. This creates a more professional look.
  • Detail. Iron-on woven patches allow for much greater detail to be included in the design. This is ideal if your logo or patch concept is complex or requires colour gradients. The detail is preserved perfectly – whilst an embroidered patch will lose a lot of the detail in the manufacturing process.
  • Photo-realism. If you want to recreate a landscape or human face, woven patches can be designed to create shading, blending and impressive photo-realism.
  • Versatility. Like an embroidered patch, your woven patch can either be easily ironed on to the garment, or sewn on for additional security.
  • Limitless design options. With a woven patch, you’re not limited in terms of design – so you can literally choose whatever colours, layouts and shapes you want. You’re free to be as detailed, or as bold and simple as you like.
  • Cheaper too !

When to Use Them?

Thanks to their sheer versatility, there are almost limitless ways in which you can use woven patches. Here’s just a few suggestions:

  • Customisation. If you’re a clothing company, and you want to give your garments further differentiation, a woven patch design adds an eye-catching detail.
  • Teams and groups. Woven labels are ideal for team uniforms. They attach easily to t-shirts and hoodies, and give your sports teams a real design edge.
  • Clothing labels. If you want your logo to stand out on your garments, using woven patches is a bold, attention-grabbing way to let people know about your company. They can easily be added to the bottom of t-shirts or shirts, to jacket labels or to the back of a hoodie.
  • Selling online. If you’re a talented designer, there’s plenty of scope to sell your designs as woven patches online. The ability to iron the patch on to the garment of their choice will appeal to your target audience.
  • Free gift. If you’re looking for a great corporate gift to give away at your next exhibition, an iron-on patch is an unusual, playful idea. Plus, it’s a great way to ensure your company sticks in people’s minds!