Clothing labels shop review


If you are looking for clothing label sites for ordering you labels and not sure where to start, this post will help you get some idea about some clothing label online shop. Prices are vary from site to site, the more you order, the cheaper it will be. Most of the sites are still need quoting. One disadvantage about quoting is customer may need to contact the customers services forth and back to get everything correct whereas the direct order only contact the customers if something wrong with their order. This saves both customers and the company time to get your order even quicker!

Here is the 6 shops :

dutch label shop

1.Dutch Label Shop

This is a company from Philadelphia, US and selling woven labels, care labels, hang tags and some stock labels such as size tags. The best thing about this shop is they sells clothing labels in very small quanitity, starting from only 30 pieces, with reasonable price. $USD17/30pieces! They allow customer to place the order directly on their site so no quote is needed. Simply enter the label detail and upload your label design. They will then be ship in one week.

the good: very small order from only 30 pieces and direct order online
Turn around time: 1 weeks



2. Clothinglabels4u

They have wide range of clothing labels from woven labels, printed labels, leather labels, heat transfer labels, embrodiered patches, in stock size tags. This site has been online for a long time and you can find their review from their customer online. As they have worked in this field for long time, I believe they sells high quality labels. However, prices are almost the highest within other labels company online. You cannot order direct it online but you need to contact them for quote first.

the good: it has been selling online for long time
Turn around time: 2-3weeks

quality woven labels

3.Quality woven labels

Another US based clothing labels company. Products vary from woven labels, printed labels, patches as well as hang tags. Prices are all listed online as reference however you are not able to order online directly. You will need to send them your detail of your labels and the image and get a quote before ordering.

the good: rush order in only 3 days!
Turn around time: Rush order avaliable from only 7days




labels partner

4.Labels partner

Similar as the previous shop. Selling orders from wovne labels, printed labels, woven patches and hangtags. All price are avaliable online from their calculator. You can go on their site and check on the calcualtor for the price. Quote is needed before placing the order.the good: allow customers to order sample only
Turn around time: Rush order avaliable from 10 days, normally 20 days




GB labels

5.GB labels

This is a UK based labels company. Price ranging from woven labels, printed labels, printed cotton labels, care labels, size tags… A quote is needed with filling the simple form on their site before purchasing. This site providing many information about labels, you may want to check this out before desinging your labels.

the good: simple for for quote
Turn around time: 14-16 working days




6.Cruz labels

They sells wide range of garment accessories from woven labels, clothing labels, printed labels, rubber labels, hang tags.. same as many clothing label shops. Quote is needed before purchasing.

the good: sending the actual sample labels for approval, rush order in 3 days only!
Turn around time: quote is needed




The Labeling  

Of course we are also here providing you high quality garment accessories from woven labels,  printed labels, heat transfer labels, hang tags, size tags and any other woven products. If you need any help for your labels design or any questions about our products, simply get in touch with our team! 

the good: providing free advices and design for your lables, direct order online without quote
Turn around time: 10-16 working days