Decoding your clothing tag labels


There are many guarantees in life—and unfortunately, laundry is one of them. You can’t escape this weekly chore, but you can figure out ways to make it easier and less stressful. We have found an infogrpahic from Partselect and would like to share it for you all !

One of the simplest ways to accomplish that task is to wash your clothes right each and every time. Now, you might think that’s too hard—after all, what two pieces of clothing are created exactly alike? Even simple t-shirts have different designs and trims on them. So how do get everything clean and keep it in tip-top shape to ensure a long life?

A good place to start is the clothing label. There, you can find nearly every detail you need to wash every piece of clothing. The tag will tell you a diverse set of requirements designed especially for that piece of clothing—what water temperature to use, for example, or the best cycle. You can even decipher whether you can skip ironing (hooray!) or need to just use the dry cleaner. Also, this is a great tips for you when designing clothing labels because you might need to add them on the your labels and good way to tell your customers how to get your products clean 🙂

Keep this graphic handy to help you work through what clothing labels really mean.