Embroidered patches are one of our most versatile products; they are used not only by a variety of clubs for uniforms and special occasions, but also by individuals wanting to create unique items.

Choosing the thread count for your custom embroidered patches can be overwhelming and confusing if you don’t know the difference between a thread count of 75% and a thread count of 100%.

At wovenlabelhk you will be getting the best possible quality and value for your money regardless of whether you choose 75% or 100%, however we understand everyone has different budgets and purposes for their patches and this can influence your decisions when ordering.

Here are the main differences to consider when making the perfect choice for the thread count of your embroidered patches:


The cost and appearance of your embroidered patch depends on the overall embroidery coverage; in other words, the total amount of embroidery stitched on the patch. If you want your entire patch to contain stitched embroidery then select the 100% option.

However if you want most of your patch embroidered but not all, select the 75% option. This will result in three-quarters of your patch containing stitched thread.


In any area without embroidered stitching, you can choose either poly blend twill or felt ground to fill extra space. If you order 100% embroidered patches, then none of these base will be visible on your label and only thread will be seen.

If your patches are 75%, then a small amount of the pattern of base will be visible, however most of your patch will still be thread so 75% patches are a great option if you can’t afford 100%.

In most cases, only the background color will be used the base ground, all the logo, drawing or text will be embroidered.


The most fun part of designing your embroidered patches is choosing your colours! Regardless of what your thread percentage is, you have numerous options due to our huge colour range of both thread and mesh.

This means you can have a 75% patch with specific colours of thread, but you can also choose the colour of the mesh backing so your entire patch is colour-coordinated.

It also means your patch can look exactly how you want it, whether it is a new creative design or recreating your company’s existing logo.


If you have decided on the colour of your patch but still can’t decide which thread count to go for, a factor you might want to consider is size. If your patch is going to be quite large this will mean it will be more expensive and you might prefer to choose 75% and buy more patches, rather than less patches at 100% embroidery coverage.

So 75% or 100% ? This is really depends on what the design and style you looking at.