How to iron on patches (infographic)


Iron on patches or labels are simple and easy! It can do it at home with simple home iron. Temperature, pressure, time and cooling are the three important keys to iron the patches and labels securely on fabric. If you follow these four tips, your patches and labels will be attached on the fabric securely!

Temperature : Make sure you have pre-heat the iron before you iron it

Pressure : Put as much as pressure you have on top the patch! This helps you to iron it securely.

Time : Let the iron on top the patch for about 10 -15 second, then try to peel lightly. Double check if it is stick it securely, if not try to iron it again for another 5 seconds and check again.

Cooling : Before taking the fabric off, let is sit for about 10 seconds and make sure they are cool!

What is iron-on patches and labels? They are exactly same as the normal patches and labels but with extra iron-on backing on the back. The backing will be melted what they are in certain temperature and thus act likes glue.


How to iron on patches