How to order clothing labels from a manufacture or company


To avoid replying the message forth and back. It is important to make sure you are given the detail information as much as possible to the company when ordering woven labels. Some companies may still asking customers to send them the basic information for quote. In such case, the detailed information plays a important role for the communication. Here is the basic information that almost every companies are need for ordering your clothing labels.

  1. Artwork
    This is the most important information as picture explained better than words when ordering labels. There are not specific format but make sure all your text and image can be seen clearly on the file. (pay extra attention on the small words !)
  2. Size
    Remember to tell you seller the size you required because some of quote are also based on the size. Some types of labels may include sewing line too!
  3. Colors
    The more colors on your labels, the higher the price are. This is not a big issues as most of the colors are shown on the artwork. However, pantone colors plays a very important role when discussing the colors. Different monitor, paper and ink may have the bias on the color. To avoid the misunderstand of colors, most of the companies will use pantone color as standard. Pantone C colors are very common for the use of textile and weaving industry!
    You can find the colur code here :
  4. Types and material
    There are many different types of clothing labels. It can be woven labels (the most seen), printed labels or heat press… They are all in different prices. In order to get back the quote quick and accurately. Make sure you have tell your sellers the specification of the labels 😉
  5. Quantity
    Remember to tell your company the quantity of your order. The more you order, the lower the price will be!
  6. Turn around time and shipping
    As they are custom made order, most company request about 2 weeks for the production time! Check with your sellers if you need a rush order, price normally will be more expensive

Some of the online shops allow customers to place order directly with their own shopping cart instead of e-mail them forth and back. However, these information are still very important when order labels. You will need to fill all these detail when you order to get your order quick and accurate! If there are some of the detail are missing, your sellers may contact you again. This may be delayed the time for production!