How WovenlabelHK helped designer Emma Warren to grow her clothing brand


How WovenlabelHK helped designer Emma Warren to grow her clothing brand


Emma Warren is a textile designer based in the UK. She started off by studying art and design at university, before turning her talents on to freelance work for fashion and textile designers. Her success here lead towards taking the leap and starting her own business, which has since taken off.


Emma’s designs lean towards quirky and ‘sassy’ in her own words, often featuring intricate embroidery of insects, whales and sharks with her expert crafting skills shining through in each design. Her customers liked her designs so much that she now dedicates herself fulltime to her passion, growing her collection and pursuing her innate creativity.


Emma first encountered WovenlabelHK on Instagram, and was looking for a way to embellish her clothing line.


“I found the website super easy to use, I could get a quote online straight away without having to wait or phone for information.”

She found the website very user-friendly, and could even upload her designs and get a quote automatically through the website without needing to call up or wait around for a response. When she did feel ready to start her order, she found the team friendly and responsive – despite the huge time difference between the UK and Hong Kong, she found that WovenlabelHK responded super quickly to her questions!


Emma has been using WovenlabelHK for a couple years now. She says the reason she keeps coming back is because of how easy the ordering process is, and the great level of customer service she receives. She uses their woven labels and swing tags to add an extra layer of quality and professionalism to her impressive clothing line. Her customers often feed back to her saying how lovely they are, and Emma really likes the way they feel like they bring her whole brand together.


“I use the woven labels and swing tags which just make my clothing look very professional. I always have people commenting on them saying how lovely they are and it just brings my whole brand together.”

This has helped her to grow her company, and solidify her brand with her customers. Now, when they’re wearing one of Emma’s pieces they know where it comes from, making it easier for them to come back to her designs again and again. This has helped Emma to grow her loyal base of customers, helping to spread her brand by word of mouth and alongside her Instagram page and her blog.


To find out how WovenlabelHK can help grow your brand and increase your customer loyalty, simply follow in Emma’s footsteps and upload your design to get an instant quote. When you’re ready to order, just continue with the ordering process and they’ll be on hand to mockup your design, help you choose your options, and get you kitted out with whatever you need. WovenlabelHK offer a range of enamel pins, as well as labels, washi tape, swing tags and woven labels that you can use to enhance your business and your brand.


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