Iron on labels or Sewing labels


Many customers asked the differences between iron on labels and sewing labels. They are literally the same labels but different backing. Sewing types of labels are commonly seen and it has been used for very long time, however, more and more customers interested on iron on labels nowadays as less sewing skill is needed. The main differences between these two will be discussed.

Iron on labels

This is the modern type of clothing labels. They are exactly same as woven flat labels, go through the same process as other woven labels but it is attached with extra backing – the iron-on backing. Iron on backing is a coating of plastic that attched on the back of the labels. This coating will be melted when it meets high temperature , acting like glue, and thus stick on the clothing. This is the idea of how iron on labels are attached on clothing.

However, in order to attaching the iron on labels securely, you will need to make sure you have set the iron to  (138°C -152°C), pressing it with pressure for 10 – 15 seconds. Temperature, pressure and time  are the key skills for attaching labels securely. If you have done it the right, the labels should not come off even wash it in washing machine unless you peel it off intentionally.

The best thing about iron on labels is no sewing skill is required and it can be done by HOME IRON! However, this can be only applied for products that have flat backing which are woven flat labels and patches.

Sewing labels ( sew-in labels )

Sewing is the tradition method for attaching labels on clothing. The main different compared to iron on labels is that you will need to sew the labels into the hem, neck or the place where you would like to place the labels. It can be sewn by needle or knitting machines. For people who have high sewing skills, this job is easy. However, people who are not familiar with sewing might find this difficult and time consuming.

The best thing is labels are attached on clothing super secure with threads. Also, you can choose variety folds of woven labels from end fold, center fold or book fold and it can be sewn to the place where iron on labels cannot be attached such as hem.