Kickstarter Campaign – Reward your Kickstarter campaign pledges with enamel pins


Commemorate That Kickstarter!

Navigating the choppy seas of commerce and creativity can be fraught with perils. These days, new, ingenious creations are flooding the market. Still, within each us lives that insightful spark, waiting for the chance to burn bright.

Crowdsourcing campaigns, through services like Kickstarter, have proved to be an exciting way to jumpstart those dreams. Whether it’s a project long in the making or a wild burst of inspiration, it’s never been easier to seize the day.

Better yet, you can get an early idea of how popular your project will be. Since people are supporting you with their funds, and not just their good wishes.

With all that support, it’s only natural to show your appreciation. There are so many options available. No doubt, some of your lucky patrons will be gifted an early version of the final product.

Still, there are plenty of ways to sweeten the pot. The key is customization, which is our specialty. Let’s take look at a great addition to any Kickstarter campaign rewards package.


Pin It!

You’ve seen them gracing lapels, adorning bags, hats, and all sorts of things. These little guys seem to pop up everywhere. That’s right. We’re talking about enamel pins.

In fact, we can help custom craft an often overlooked reward for any successful Kickstarter campaign.

Small, colorful and available in just about any design you like, they make a great addition to any level of rewards packages. They’re inexpensive enough to be included in the most basic of campaign rewards.

What’s even better is their durability. So, your patrons can hang onto them for years to come.

Before we go too deep let’s look at what makes enamel pins so special.


Enamel and Its Uses

For centuries, enamel has been used for colorful embellishments on just about anything with a hard surface. From hair combs to tables, enamel can be added to give that extra pop of the fanciful.

So, it’s no surprise that this versatile material was incorporated into lapel pins. This inexpensive flourish lends itself well to these little decorations.

Now that you know how enamel can add embellishment, let’s talk about how it can help your Kickstarter campaign.


Brand It

Here, your choices are almost limitless. When considering pins for a Kickstarter campaign though, many choose to use a logo. Along with increasing brand recognition, it’s an easy, tactile way for patrons to connect with your concept.

To begin enhancing your brand recognition through custom enamel pins, just upload your design. We’ll help bring it to life.

These tactile versions of your logo can accompany any Kickstarter rewards package. Also, they are great individual gifts for lower tiered patrons. In addition, they will brighten a higher level rewards package.


Bring It to Life!

Beyond logos, we can incorporate text, bright colors and delightful little characters. Perhaps you’re finally funding that novel you’ve been working on. An enamel pin could be crafted to resemble one of the noteworthy characters or narrative elements.

Suppose your Kickstarter is going towards the development of a new game. Again, an custom enamel pin can be a physical embodiment of one of the essential elements. Bring those telling details into glossy existence.

Even if you are crafting something as straightforward as a tool, appliance or app, custom enamel pins are a fantastic way to personalize the project.


Get Them Talking

While not obvious, at first, enamel pins can be excellent conversation starters. In eye-catching simplicity, they carry hidden depths. Piquing the curiosity of casual observers, they soon have people asking to know more.

Indeed, these little pins are excellent conversation starters. In no time, your patrons will become your best advertisers, as they explain the source of these colorful creations.


Hard Enamel Pins

First, you need to know we sell two types of enamel pins.

These are ‘hard’ enamel and ‘soft’ enamel. Here, we will clarify the difference and how they can help that crowdsourcing campaign.

Hard enamel pins have an additional top-coat, which we apply in the final production stages. It’s a glossy coating that smooths the spaces between the enamel and metal outline.

With hard enamel pins, you have a smoother, more durable pin.

Your patrons will appreciate this extra bit of polish. They will have a lasting reminder of their valuable contribution to your campaign.


Soft Enamel Pins

Let’s be clear. Soft enamel doesn’t mean sacrificing craftsmanship. These pins will still be cherished by the recipients.

Before we get on our soapbox, let’s explain what soft enamel is. Here, that shiny topcoat is left out of the process. Since the space between metal and enamel aren’t filled, the result is a more tactile experience.

It’s also excellent for saving on costs. These can be ideal for those lower tiered campaign rewards.


Pins Without the Enamel

It’s obvious to anyone that we’re fans of enamel pins. They’re just so versatile. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention some more understated options.

Maybe you like everything enamel pins have to offer. They’re durable, versatile and great little advertisements for your Kickstarter campaign. Still, there’s nothing wrong with wanting something more subdued.

Enter 3D Die Cast pins…


Die Cast Pins

Simply put, we craft die cast pins by casting metal from a mold. This is a part of the process of creating custom enamel pins as well, but without the enamel added. For die cast pins, we will cast your design in 3D on the plating of choice.

With fourteen plating options available, you’ll be able to find something that suits.

Production runs for these begin at 50 pieces, which is a much lower entry point than many other pin crafters. As with custom enamel pins, we will showcase them in individual poly packaging.



Another reason lapel pins are such great additions to Kickstarter packages is the package. All lapel pins come individually packaged. You can’t beat that convenience.

We’ve got two great options for you. Let’s dig into this final step.

Whether enamel or die-cast, we package our custom lapel pins into individual bags. These bags are made of a clear poly-plastic. This simple solution displays your creations to Kickstarter patrons.

For Kickstarter campaigns, the first option is ideal.

Attaching the pin to a backing card, we then place the card and pin into the clear poly bag. Your logo or artwork can be printed on the backing card.

Including the backing lends an added professional touch. Messages can be included on the backing as well. So, you can express your gratitude for their contributions. It’s a delightful presentation for a pin you’ve taken such care to customize.

However, we do have a cost-saving option. Display your pin without the backing. Select this option and we will package your custom pins in the clear poly bags. While not as eye-catching, the packaging will still be professional and easy to organize.


Get Started

As you can see, there are many versatile options for commemorative pins. With production runs starting at 50 pins, they can accommodate most Kickstarter campaigns.

Still, it can be difficult to choose from such variety. So, get in touch with us. We’d love to help! Also, we have design tools available to help you make your vision a reality.