Trend Alert: Glam up Denim with Custom Embroidered Iron on Patches for Jeans


Trend Alert: Glam up Denim with Custom Embroidered Iron on Patches for Jeans

Trending: Custom Embroidered Iron on Patches for Jeans

Embellishing denim is the new way to accessorize. Here are some design ideas for creating one-of-a-kind fashions with embroidered iron on patches for jeans.

Iron on patches for jeans

Move over skinny and simple jeans and say hello to the latest denim revolution.

Iron on patches for jeans are taking over style trends this year. From boyfriend rip patches to standout details for the classic bootcut, the possibilities are endless.

Looking to upgrade an old pair or DIY the jeans you recently went thrifting for?

Here’s everything you need to know about upgrading your denim with custom embroidered patches.


1. Make a Statement

The main reason we love iron on patches for jeans is the ability to make a statement.

Patches turn any pair of jeans you can get at the store into a one-of-a-kind piece of your wardrobe. They glam up any basic outfit and guarantee no one else on the street will have your look.

Not sure how to take a few patches and standout in style?

Check out these options.

Pick a Side

If you want to be a little conservative about your first patch DIY project, stick to one side.

Choose either the right or the left pant leg to decorate.

Plan your patches on one section that will be easy to notice as well as flattering to your body type.

A common area is somewhere on the mid-thigh along the hem where the front and back meet. You can also choose to put patches on the knee or trace down the front of one side.

Picking one place to focus on creates a balance between adding some flair and doing too much.

It is a great way of getting used to adding patches to your daily looks.

Choose a Pattern

Feeling a little bolder?

Set up your iron on patches for jeans in a pattern.

Get multiple pieces of the same patch and alternate these with another design.

Patterns look great going down an entire side or even spaced out on the whole front and back.

Some patches already come in a pattern, too.

These can stand alone as their own statement pieces, without having to be repeated. Or, you can choose to subtly stagger them on a small area.

Say It Clearly

Another way to make a statement is to just use words!

Many iron on patches for jeans come with fun phrases. This adds even more personality to the look you’re going for.

You can be cute and quirky or bold and daring, depending on the words you choose.

Placement matters here, too, of course.

Some people like hiding their phrases on a hemline or using a small patch. Others will slap something right on a back pocket.


2. Hide the Details

Speaking of hemlines and pocket patches, you can try to be a little sneakier instead of making a statement.

Adding a small patch here or there makes people do a double-take.

This isn’t meant to be a standout detail. Rather, it works to blend your style and can be a versatile piece to many outfits.

Our favorite places to put a small patch are on the hemline and pocket areas.


A hemline isn’t the first place everyone looks.

But, many fashion-forward ladies are leaning towards frayed hems. Putting patches here is the next step.

Just think of how cute this would look with your favorite booties for an edgy look. You can keep it simple with sandals and glam it up with nice heels, too.

A hemline isn’t a detail to look over anymore. It can be home to a set of patches going all the way around, or a place to put a big patch on its side.


Putting patches on pockets is like grabbing your favorite bag to go with an outfit – it just works!

Patches can be used to line a pocket on the front for a simple touch. They can line back pockets for a booty-flattering accent, too.

Some jeans have big pockets to play with. These are common on high waisted styles and mom jeans – which are also making a comeback.

What better place than this to use as your “statement” section?


3. Design Denim Beyond Your Jeans

Denim is not just for jeans.

Many ladies have a go-to denim jacket, a fun denim bag, and other little jean-like pieces in their wardrobe.

Remember, all of these can be upgraded with patches!

Let’s take a look at how.


Nothing says edgy and proud like the perfect denim jacket.

This piece is both rough around the edges and totally comfortable to wear.

It makes a statement with any outfit – one that you can take a step further with patches.

One of the most obvious places to put patches is along the sleeves or to make a design on the back.

But, there’s so much more you can do. Try playing with patches on the front pockets, in between buttons, and even on the edge of the collar.

Some of these ideas might sound a little out-there, but one of them is sure to match the style you’re looking for.


You know that adorable denim bag you found at the flea market?

Make it even more lovely with a patch or two.

You don’t have to go crazy here, but a patch is a perfect touch to make it your own. Good placement here can be along the button or zipper, or off to a corner.

It’s the little detail that makes a big difference.

Other Accessories

You may have other “little details” in your wardrobe like a DIY denim choker or bracelet.

If these are thick enough, consider adding a patch.

Just one patch can show a bigger side of your personality in a fun and unique way. It also makes you a style authority in your friend group, by showing how you keep up with trends as they evolve.

Choosing the Right Iron On Patches for Jeans

Ready to get the iron out and transform your denim?

First things first — you need the right patches!

Luckily, our shop has all the details you need to let your creativity shine.

Access to our custom embroidered iron on patches for jeans when you click here.