Why Are Branded Labels So Important for Your Product?


Why Are Branded Labels So Important for Your Product?

You’ve designed a beautiful range for your start-up business. Your items look fantastic, and you’re confident that your target audience will love them. So why do you need to bother with branded labels? After all, the quality of your products speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Of course, you can market your products without branded labels, but in doing so, you’ll be missing out on a number of great benefits for your business. Allow us to explain.

Understanding Brand Identity

If you’re currently setting up a company, you’ll no doubt already be familiar with the term ‘brand identity’. But if you’re not quite sure what it is, here’s a recap.

In essence, your brand identity is who you are as a business. It encompasses everything about your company – from your logo and company colours, to your business ethos, your products and services. Your brand identity tells people not only who you are, but what they can expect from you. It relays your business message, and can even encourage people to buy your products.

When it comes to making a purchase, buyers expect to see some evidence of brand identity, whether it’s on the packaging or in the form of a branded label.

The Advantages of Using Branded Woven Labels

We’ve established that using branded labels on your products means that you’ll be meeting the expectations of your customers. But what does that mean exactly? What are the actual benefits to you, the business owner?

  1. Making the right impression. A branded label creates a good first impression. It ensures that the customer knows you’re not an amateur, working from home – but a serious business. Bear in mind, your customers will judge your company by the quality of your label. A poorly made, badly printed label will reflect badly on your business. By contrast, a well-crafted woven label will add a distinct note of professionalism.
  2. Brand recognition. As time goes on, more people will start to recognise your brand. This, in turn, generates trust in your products. After all, if you’re doing well enough to be recognised, then you must be doing something right! As a result, it’s important to enhance your brand wherever possible. Adding branded labels to your products ensures that your brand is visible, and it also ensures that your customer doesn’t ever forget who made the item they’re wearing or using.
  3. Add quality. A well-designed label can actually add a sense of quality to a garment or product. In fact, many top designers understand this fact, which is why they use obvious labels in their products. Next time you’re in a shopping mall, check out the designer handbags, clothing and other accessories, and note how prominent their labels are, and what superior quality they are. This enhances the product and makes the customer even more convinced that they’re receiving a top-quality item.
  4. Clever placement. Sometimes, you can use labels as a way of subtly advertising your products to the world. For example, placing a label on the outside of a shirt sleeve or on the exterior of a tote bag, provides instant visibility for your brand. Wherever that tote bag travels, it will have eyes upon it – and upon your logo, emblazoned on the label.

And Without a Branded Label?

Without a branded woven label, you’re instantly downgrading your products. No matter how beautiful they might be, if they’re unlabelled, this makes them seem amateur and ‘homemade’. Make sure you give your beautiful products the brand identity they deserve!