Woven labels, printed labels and heat press – Which One is Best for Your products?


If you’re getting ready to launch your clothing range, you’ll know that there’s a lot to consider before your shop officially opens its doors to the general public. Sometimes, it’s difficult knowing where to start! In addition to everything else, you’ll need to think carefully about what labels you use in your clothing. There’s a bewildering array of labels available – so how can you tell which clothing label is best suited to your needs?

Different Types of Clothing Labels
There are a vast number of different types of clothing label to choose from, but to keep things simple, here’s a brief outline of the most commonly used ones.

Woven labels.
A woven label is exactly as the name suggests. It’s a small piece of fabric, which features your company details woven into it with high quality thread. This may be as simple as a logo or some wording, or you may want to have more information on there, such as website details, a tagline, simple washing instruction or more.  Generally speaking, due to the nature of woven labels,it’s recommended that you keep your designs simple. If it is with a complicated design, larger size of the label is then needed.

Woven labels are generally used by high end fashion brands, as they look more attractive and bespoke than other forms of clothing label. One of the best advantages of woven labels are they will not be faded!

Printed labels.
Printed labels are created by having the company logo or some wording printed upon the material – which is most commonly a form of satin (as this holds ink more successfully than other fabrics). Printed labels certainly don’t have the ‘designer’ feel to them, but they are useful for labels which need to contain more information, such as detail washing instruction labels. You’ll be able to select the ink colour that works best for your brand – however, be warned. Some colours are more prone to fading than others.

Heat transfer labels (Heat press).
Heat transfer labels are created by using high heat to literally transfer the image on to a piece of fabric. They’re less commonly used than the other two types of clothing label, as the results tend not to look quite so professional. The color also quite easy to come off when using dryer. It usually used on underwears as there is no irrtation to the skin. Which Type of Clothing Label is Best for Your Brand? Before making a decision, it’s a good idea to consider what effect you want to create.

Generally speaking, if you want to make a really good impression, woven labels are a better choice. However, it’s likely that you’ll also want to invest in some printed washing instruction labels too, so your customers know how to care for the garment! When exploring the different types of clothing label, you’ll also need to make a decision as to which style you want. Again, there’s a big choice – from flat labels, to centre fold and end fold labels.

Feeling a little bewildered?